Web Development

Web Development

Do you have a website that has been built a decade ago? Is the technology your website built on is obsolete? May be it’s time to consider website renovation.

The world changes quickly, and technology even faster. The features that were relevant yesterday may no longer be applicable today because of the change in requirement or scenario. The growth in your business should also reflect in your website. Hence, timely changes are recommended.

Bestowal InfoTechS (BITS), a reputed web development and modernization company helps you with just that.

Why Should You Consider Bestowal InfoTechS (BITS) for Web Development and Modernization

Having developed and re-engineered websites for a diverse client base, Bestowal InfoTechS (BITS) has accrued immense experience and knowledge of what it takes to help businesses build their best possible web presence. Our agile and profound modernization procedure encompasses clear and recurrent client communications, which facilitates true collaboration on each project.

Our team holds a consultative approach towards understanding your objectives and supporting it with the apt plan from a technology, user experience and design outlook. We believe that website modernization isn’t just limited to revived look, it is about refining the total user experience.

Our Website Modernization service comprises

• Scalability Enhancement
• Website Design and Development
• New Function Addition
• Reliability Improvement
• UI/UX Support
• Security Enhancement
• Usability Enhancement
• Content Rewriting
• Re-Branding and Re-Strategizing Corporate Image

Our Web Development Services

• Custom Web Development
• Angular Js Development
• Drupal Web Development
• Joomla Website Development
• Wordpress Web Development
• Node Js Web Development
• React Native Web Development
• Php Web Development

Technologies Used

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