Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of things i.e. IoT has been utilized from enterprises to industries for connecting everything with everyone. IoT can be understood as one of the disruptive technology which is making the world a more better and smarter place to live.

Bestowal InfoTechS (BITS) is all set to explore the hidden potential of Internet of Things for their clients. We deliver innovative IoT solutions to the organizations, which help them fulfill their business requirements. We are here to empower the organizations with:
• Designs, integration, development, management, and deployment of end to end IoT processes.
• Smoothly integrating IoT solutions to the existing architecture of the enterprise.
• Improving decision-making process through augmented intelligence.
• Integrating and transforming the business processes.
• Delivering new data after proper analysis.

IOT Solutions

Smart Assets Own smart assets in order to get an edge over the competition and lead to an efficient process by generating profit to your business

Smart Operations Smart Enterprises would gain high efficiency in business by implementing smart offices and connecting with more people.

Smart Manufacturing Smart Industries would facilitate sustainable development by tapping into the true potential of the industry.

Smart Supply Chain Ace the decision making step after analyzing the data gathered by IoT. Also, obtain transparent details on all products from retailer to manufacturer.

Smart Facilities Integrate smart solutions into the existing ecosystem of the entire chain of Facilities Monitoring & Management with Smart Facilities

Smart Experience Delivering deeper understanding by providing smart living standards. That would consist of a safer, healthier environment and enhanced quality of life.

Smart Sustenance We ensure controlled sustenance costs and continuity, with Smart sustentation enabled sustainable & stable operations

Smart Connected Products The solutions by BITS for connected products can be integrated with multiple platforms, enterprise systems, and historians. This is further helpful in real time asset performance and predictive analysis.

Technologies Used

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