Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and Search Engine Result Page ( SERP ) Ranking Through effective optimization tactics, your business information will be displayed in search results as in the form of Knowledge Graph and Featured Snippets.

Online Reputation Management ( ORM ) Suppress Streisand Effect, canonical issues, Search Engine Manipulation Effect ( SEME ) and eliminates bad reputation news and links through Astroturfing tactics.

Social Media Campaigns Effective Social Media Optimization ( SEO ) and Optimized Display Ads ( ODA ) will ensure more reach and leads to your business.

Search and Display Advertising New advertising features like Display Campaign Optimization ( DCO), Optimized Remarketing List for Search Ads ( RLSA ), Cross Device Conversions ( CDC ), Universal App Campaigns ( UAC ), Expandable Text Ads ( ETA ), Rich Media Ads ( RMA ), Light Box Ads ( LBA ), Multiple Call-to-Action ( MCTA ) and Gmail Sponsored Promotions ( GSP ) help to drive more prospective customers to your business.

Business Landing Pages Persona attribute integrated landing pages with effective Call-to-Action ( CTA ) feature act as a 24×7 customer service executive.

Online PR and Branding Creates an unique image of your product or services, for Politicians, Celebrities and Professionals. An integrated Online PR and Branding solution plays a major role in building their online recognition.

Online Election Campaigns Voter persona based frame-work helps to attract more people t your campaign information, integrated metadata schemas and Resource Description Frame-work attribute ( RDFa ) plays a major role here.

Why choose Us

• Customer can monitor the outcome (New leads generated) at every stages
• Results are long lasting
• Cost effective business plans
• Demography based continuous analysis ensures more potential leads
• We work in parallel with your existing ATL, BTL and TTL plans through The Husting , Specific Search and segmentation methods; generates better ROIs

What We Offer

• Define your Buyer Persona through research and bucket findings
• Define SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound) revenue objectives
• Define KPI and ROI parameters for your business
• Identifying right prospects for your business
• Generating potential Leads for your business
• Implement customer retention tactics
• Take steps to improve Marketing Grade at each stage of your business after 3 months

Technologies Used

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